Weed Vaporizer Reviews

At High Tech Testers we review any device that will get you high! Legally, of course! Marijuana is becoming legal all over the world, and it is currently legal here in Canada for medical use. Full legalization is on the way here in Canada also and it is expected by the end of 2016!

If you are looking for unbiased reviews on vaporizers, bongs and other marijuana related devices, you found the right website. We have tons of reviews on all sorts of stoner goodness. We have the best weed vaporizer reviews on the internet, we also have bong reviews as well.

Vaporizing Marijuana

Marijuana by itself is not dangerous, contrary to popular belief. When you burn the marijuana and inhale the smoke, you are breathing in lots of carcinogens. To counter the negative effects of smoking, there is a technique called vaping, that is becoming quite popular. Vaporizing allows the user to experience the medicinal benefits of marijuana, without getting the negative side effects associated with smoke.

Vaporizing cannabis is actually more effective than smoking it as far as getting more out of your stash. When you vaporize you are able to conserve your marijuana a lot more than when you are smoking because you will not need to use as much to get high.

Desktop Vaporizers

A desktop vaporizer is simply a standard vape but the term “desktop” means that it has to remain plugged into an outlet when you want to use the vaporizer. This means that it is not portable, and you must have access to an outlet whenever you want to have a session.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are vapes that you can use on the go. Essentially any vaporizer that doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall when being used can be called a portable. There are different types of portables such as pen vaporizers. Some portables will do concentrates, some will do dry herbs, and some will do both.